Thank you so much for coming in last week. All of the attendees really enjoyed taking the time to reflect on their ‘smartphone addictions’! Some even managed to continue their detox over the weekend and a few people said how therapeutic they found it.

Hazel – Communications Officer Arcadia Group

Digital Detox Workshop

I was very happy with Chloe and her clear level of expertise in this area. It was enlightening to experience this session as she highlighted the benefits in a realistic way as well as addressing how these techniques can be incorporated into daily life realistically. It was a very informative and engaging session.

Jess – Phase leader in a primary school

feedback following an introduction to mindfulness in schools session

The insight and techniques Chloe has introduced me to have really stuck and made a meaningful difference. I use them to prepare myself mentally for work each day. I feel better prepared to meet and handle challenges that come my way. Even my commute to work has become less stressful!

Matt – Senior Financial Executive

Participant on Mindfulness Introduction Session

The course was so helpful. It has given me a deeper insight into Mindfulness and practical tools to use everyday that remind me to enjoy the small things, help me feel calmer and awake!

Ben – Educational Psychologist

8 week Mindfulness course participant

Chloe was absolutely amazing! A really, really top quality trainer. I found the 8 week course truly life changing. It has helped me in so many ways. I feel I can cope much better with everyday challenges and the bigger more difficult things too…..

Katie – Educational Psychologist

8 week mindfulness course participant