Chloe is a fully qualified Mindfulness teacher having graduated from Exeter University with Post Grad Dip in Mindfulness Applications. Chloe is registered with the UK network for Mindfulness – Based Teachers and fulfils the good practice guidelines for teaching mindfulness – based courses.

Chloe has also trained extensively with the Mindfulness in Schools Project, an acclaimed project currently involved in a large scale research trial into the benefits of Mindfulness in the education sector. She is fully accredited to teach the paws.b curriculum for ages 7-11, the .b curriculum for ages 11-18 and the .b foundation course for eduction professionals.

An experienced practitioner Chloe  has taught 8 week Mindfulness courses to social care professionals in local government, teachers and primary age children as well as the general public providing them will the tools and techniques to reach their potential and improve well-being. She has extensive experience of working in the public and voluntary sectors training professionals in early help initiatives and supporting vulnerable families, children and adolescents to make positive change.

Mindfulness is central to Chloe’s life and work, having seen and experienced first hand the transformative effects of Mindfulness, not only in her own life but in the lives of those she has taught she deeply appreciates its many benefits. Chloe has a long standing daily mindfulness meditation practice and regularly attends silent retreats.